Synergy HRM


Synergy HRM is a comprehensive, cost effective HR solution for all sized businesses. Synergy HRM allows you to select from a rich array of modules to suit your requirements and budgets.

Features Include:

  • Personal Information Management
  • Advanced Leave Management
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Recruitment
  • Advanced Reporting


  • The dashboard integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display, ultimately providing a graphical representation of information from various HR functions within your organization. It contains a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, and reports.
  • The dashboard will ensure you don’t miss out on concealed trends that are not obvious and acting as a constant reminder of your day-to-day tasks that can be easily forgotten

PIM – Personnel Information Management

  • Maintaining employee records is a basic HR function, however if you do not have a proper storage mechanism and reporting tool, this can be extremely challenging and it can result in employee dissatisfaction and other issues. You will also waste days trying to figure out data for your reports, writing formulas and you may end up with no guarantee on the accuracy of these reports.
  • The PIM module offers you comprehensive employee profiles that capture the follow:
  • Personal Details, Job History, Salary History, Contacts, Dependents, Terminations and many other important data sets.
  • This centralized system will unleash the capabilities of report generation with a variety of selection criteria and filters.

Leave /Time off Management

Manage all employee leave requests with ease via our useful reports. The Synergy Live leave module is a highly flexible module that can be configured for international leave management. Some highlights are:

  • Leave/ time off types based on different countries
  • International calendar holidays for accurate leave calculation
  • Configurable work weeks
  • Custom leave years (calendar or financial year)
  • Leave restriction and other compliance rules
  • Leave accrual settings based on employee status, job titles, years of service or other custom fields
  • Leave carry forward rules
  • Email notifications on all leave transactions
  • Graphical reports, CSV extractions and dashboard integration

Time & Attendance Management

  • The Time module provides companies with a combination of an Attendance Management as well as a Timesheet Management solution. Attendance information can be input manually into the system or can be captured via a biometric device and uploaded into the Time module.
  • The timesheet feature allows employees to enter and then submit timesheets containing the number of hours they have worked on specific projects and activities. Both these features provide HR Administrators with the ability to view detailed attendance and timesheet data. This will assist them when making strategic decisions to improve employee productivity and efficiency, and ultimately reduce waste and minimize loss due to employee downtime.


The recruitment module allows you to manage your vacancies and candidates with the ability to assign designated hiring managers. You can receive resumes into the system for respective vacancies by interfacing your company website’s career page to directly post vacancies from Synergy Live. You can also connect to RSS feeds and Facebook, to post jobs on your company page.

Features include:

  • Candidate resume repository with history
  • Archives for future use
  • Shortlist using resumes parsing to read resumes and keywords
  • Configurable screening questionnaires
  • Interview scheduling
  • Hiring approvals and transferring employees to PIM once hired


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