Welcome to MPSS! This library provides a set of facilities to allow project information to be manipulated in Java and .Net. MPSS supports a range of data formats: Microsoft Project Exchange (MPX), Microsoft Project (MPP,MPT), Microsoft Project Data Interchange (MSPDI XML), Microsoft Project Database (MPD), Planner (XML), Primavera (PM XML, XER, and database), Asta Powerproject (PP, MDB), and the Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF).

The library is currently based around a set of structures modeled on the data described by the MPP file format. All manipulation of project data takes place using these data structures, which can be read from or written to the various supported file formats. The notes in the following paragraphs explain the facilities MPSS offers for each file format.

  • MPX: The MPX file format can be read by all versions of Microsoft Project, and written by all versions up to Microsoft Project 98
  • MPP: The MPP file format is Microsoft’s proprietary way of storing project data. MPSS supports read only access to MPP files produced by Microsoft Project 98, Microsoft Project 2000, Microsoft Project 2002, Microsoft Project 2003, Microsoft Project 2007, and Microsoft Project 2010. MPP template files, with the suffix MPT are also supported.
  • MSPDI: The MSPDI file format is Microsoft’s XML file format for storing project data. Versions of Microsoft Project from 2002 onwards can read and write MSPDI files. MPSS allows MSPDI files to be created, read, and written. Documentation for the Project 2003 MSPDI file format  as part of the Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas package. Documentation for the Project 2007 MSPDI file format  as part of the Microsoft Project 2007 SDK. Documentation for the Project 2010 MSPDI file format as part of the Microsoft Project 2010 SDK.
  • MPD: The MPD file format is an Access database file format used to store one or more projects. The database schema used in these databases is also close to that used by Microsoft Project Server. MPSS can read projects stored in an MPD file using a JDBC connection. It is possible that MPSS could also read the same data from a Microsoft Project Server database using the same approach – but I haven’t tried this!
  • PLANNER: Planner is an Open Source project management too which uses an XML file format to store project data. MPSS read and write the Planner file format.
  • PRIMAVERA: Primavera is a high end project planning tool favoured by users with complex planning requirements. It can export project data in the form of an XER or PM XML files, both of which MPSS can read. It is also possible for MPSS to connect directly to the Primavera database via JDBC to read project data. MPSS can also write PM XML files to allow data to be exported in a form which can be consumed by Primavera.
  • POWERPROJECT: Asta Powerproject is a planning tool used in a number of industries, particularly construction. Powerproject can save data to PP files or to MDB database files, and MPSS can read both of these format.s
  • SDEF: SDEF is the Standard Data Exchange Format, as defined by the USACE (United States Army Corp of Engineers). SDEF is a fixed column format text file, used to import a project schedule up into the QCS (Quality Control System) software from USACE


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