Good-2-Great “G2G”

Leadership Curriculum

Who Should Attend
Top Managers, Head Of Sectors, Department Managers And All Those who Need To Improve Their Leadership Skills

Our Mutual Objectives

  • Understand The Role Of A Leader By Knowing All The Responsibilities.
  • Know How To Communicate With Others For Better Results.
  • Lead Teams Effectively And Maximizing Their Abilities
  • Motivate Others Through Goal Setting And Action Planning
  • Manage Time & Stress By Eliminating The Time Wasters And Bust Stress
  • Master The Coaching And Mentoring Skills For Raising The Others Performance
  • Negotiate Effectively And Get To The Win-Win Situation
  • Solve Problems Easily And Take The Right – Well Calculated –  Decisions
  • Deploy Strategic Management In Your Organization Successfully
  • Manage Your Team’s Performance And Conduct Effective Performance Appraisals

Course Outline

First Module 

1-Leadership Communication

  • The Communication Process
  • Communication Levels
  • Barriers Of Communications
  • Active Listening
  • Giving Feedback
  • The Ten Principles Of Leadership Communication

2-Leading Teams

  • Help the team identify its purpose
  • Set the scope and boundaries
  • Show your belief
  • Support Your Team
  • Facilitation Skills
  • The 10 Tips For Leading Teams


Second Module


  • Your Leadership Style
  • Setting Goals And Targets
  • Positive Self-Motivation And Direction
  • Action Plan for Job Re-design
  • Selling Not Telling
  • Reward Factors Involved In Motivating High Performance

4-Time & Stress Management

  • Myths About Stress And Time Management
  • Major Causes Of Workplace Stress
  • Biggest Time Wasters
  • Common Symptoms Of Poor Stress And Time Management
  • Wise Principles Of Good Stress And Time Management
  • Delegation for Stress Relief
  • Simple Techniques To Manage Stress
  • Simple Techniques To Manage Time

Third Module

5-Coaching & Mentoring

  • The Difference Between Coaching & Mentoring
  • Benefits Of Coaching And Mentoring
  • Coaching And Mentoring Theory
  • Performance Coaching For Results
  • Coaches & Mentors Responsibilities


  • The Negotiation Process
  • Your Goal Is Win-Win Situation
  • Top Ten Negotiation Tips
  • Do & Don’t For Negotiations
    • Preparing For Negotiations
    • During The Negotiation
    • Closing A Negotiation
    • Follow Up To Negotiation
    • Most Common Negotiations Errors
    • Attributes Of Effective Negotiators
    • Common Tricks In Negotiations And How To Encounter Them


Fourth Module

7-Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • The Problem Solving Process
    • Defining And Selecting The Problem
    • Analyzing The Problem
    • Generating Potential Solutions
    • Selecting And Planning The Solution
    • Implementing The Solution
    • Evaluating The Solution
    • The Decision Making Process
      • Intelligence
      • Design
      • Choice
    • What Is “Best”?

8-Creativity & Change Management

  • Creativity
    • The Relation Between Creativity & Leadership
    • What Do We Know About Creative Leaders?
    • Creative Leaders Make The Difference
    • Greasing The Wheels Of This Creative Machinery
    • Change
      • People React Differently To Change
      • Everyone Has Fundamental Needs That Have To Be Met
      • Change Often Involves A Loss, And People go Through the “Loss Curve”
      • Expectations Need To Be Managed Realistically
      • Fears  Of Change Have To Be Dealt With


Fifth Module

9-Strategic Planning

  • Deployment: Completing The Strategic Plan
    • Assign Roles And Responsibilities
    • Establish Priorities
    • Involve Mid-Level Management As Active Participants
    • Think It Through. Decide How To Manage Implementation
    • Charge Mid-Level Management With Aligning
    • Lower-Level Plans
    • Make Careful Choices About The Contents Of The Plan And The Form It Will Take
    • Deployment: Communicating The Strategic Plan
      • Keys To Success
      • Assign Roles And Responsibilities
      • Communicate The Plan Constantly And Consistently
      • Recognize The Change Process
      • Help People Through The Change Process
      • Implementing The Strategic Plan
      • Keys To Success


Sixth Module

10-   Performance Management

  • Performance Management – Definition And Rationale
  • What Works – Some Lessons And Some Directions
  • Performance Assessment And Feedback
  • Approaches And Trends In Rewards And Recognition
  • Performance Appraisals Techniques

11-   Manage Your Manager

  • First, Be Fair
  • Decoding the rules
  • Building trust
  • Building a career network
  • Moments of truth to moments of magic
  • Learn how to complain




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