Our Unique Headhunting Service – What makes us different?

elements Headhunting Service is extremely detailed and client focused.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively hunt down and attract the most talented candidates from across The MENA. Our service process begins by better understanding your business, corporate culture and recruitment requirements. elements research team consists of highly skilled professionals with the unique ability to identify candidates within highly complex organisations. Our commitment ensures that our reach is global and our search efforts are fast, targeted and efficient. This is why elements is the only Executive Search firm to offer 3 guarantees to all client assignments that we accept.

elements’ headhunting process guarantees to provide our clients with a shortlist of the industry’s best people within a guaranteed time frame, and then for the appointed candidate to remain in their role for 12 months. This way you are assured we will bring you the MENA’s top achievers from anywhere in The MENA and that they will be motivated and relevant for your business.

elements’ reputation is built on mutual trust and industry respect.

  • Quality of Candidates
    elements provides the highest level of service: we proactively anticipate and respond to client needs and guarantee to deliver a fully screened shortlist of relevant candidates that meet your profile. All candidates are guaranteed in their role for 12 months (6 months for non-board level) or we will find a replacement at no extra charge.
  • Quality and Commitment Ensured
    Our clients have confidence and trust when using our Service because our guarantees ensure quality and commitment from all parties involved. We identify and target candidates from the cream of your competitors’ staff, persuading them as to why they should join your team. We never talk to unhappy candidates on the lookout, or persistent under performers under pressure to move.
  • Research Based
    Whereas the industry norm relies heavily on database recruitment, elements’ Service is research focused and tailor made for each client and project. We continually update information on market sectors, competitor analysis and industry knowledge. Therefore we don’t need a database of disaffected individuals.

Fee Structure

First stage retainer fee
(1/3) due on commencement of assignment.

Second stage retainer
(1/3) is payable on presentation of a shortlist.

The final stage of the retainer fee
(1/3) is due on candidates appointment.

Clients and Candidates trust elements Headhunting

Our success stems from sourcing and persuading the very best people to work for our clients. Candidates and clients trust elements, because we deliver more than we promise. That’s why clients across Europe and the globe always return to us as you can see from our portfolio of customers and their references.

For additional information on how our executive headhunting service could be of value to your organisation, simply contact the elements team on info@hrelements.com