Online Recruitment

The Broadest coverage exists for every recruitment field with More than  1,250,000 job seekers all over the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).


A network with over 500 Head Hunter that monitors more than 10.000 Multinational companies in the MENA. And still counting …
while keeping your confidentiality & the privacy of the selected post.

Online Assessments

More than 100 Occupational & Personal assessments that analyze the characteristics of potential & current employees to estimate the gap between their current skills and the required standards of performance… Geographical and Temporal spacers are no longer obstacles.

E-Learning Courses

The most recent methodologies in e-learning used to leverage the performance of your employees and gains accredited certificates from the most reputable organizations & educational institutes all over the world.


A world-class managerial system that enables you to manage any number of employees from anywhere, at any time. That makes you able to stay updated daily with the strength & weakness points in your organization performance.

Business in A Box

With just one touch you will be aware of the latest updates in all managerial fields using over than 5000 Managerial references in addition to the most important software that your organization needs.